Green Resources
AH&LA’s green strategy is focused on providing resources to members who want to create en environmentally-friendly and sustainable hotel. AH&LA’s Green Task Force has created a set of 11 minimum environmental guidelines, which are part of more than 50 overall guidelines targeting these key areas. Each minimum guideline includes case studies, business cases, and resources for general mangers to implement. These guidelines-which address back-of-the-house and interfacing with guests-will be continuously built upon in an ongoing effort to provide green resources in a broad spectrum of areas.. AH&LA’s Web-based Green Resource Center serves as an online resource offering cost-effective and eco-savvy tips and strategies, information on certifications and government funded programs, suppliers producing environmentally-friendly products, an RSS feed from Green Lodging News, and an “Ask AH&LA’s Green Guru”.
Did you know...
  • The hospitality industry spends $3.7 billion a year on energy.
  • Electricity use accounts for 60-70% of the utility costs of a typical hotel.
  • Energy-efficient lighting can reduce electricity use up to 75%.
  • Typical hotels use 218 gallons of water per day per occupied room.
  • Water-efficient fixtures can reduce water and sewer bills by up to 30%.

Benchmark Your Facility

Benchmarking is a way to find out how your facility's energy use compares to the energy use of other similar facilities. Use ENERGY STAR's benchmarking toolkit to begin.