Membership with the Alaska Hotel & Lodging Association doesn’t cost…it pays! Membership in AkH&LA brings you a multitude of industry resources, networking opportunities and volume-based discount benefits. We also provide legislative representation, forging relationships with key legislators and keeping an eye on the big governmental picture, to ensure your interests are appropriately served.  

No matter what size the operation, most need to justify membership in AkH&LA by finding ways in which it will save them money. The good news is that member benefits actually pay for themselves several times over! The legislative representation works to fend off burdensome taxes and oppressive regulations. We also retain a lobbyist to champion our cause and look to the membership for feedback on the various legislative issues that affect their operating costs and procedures. 

Additionally, we provide access to training materials and educational assistance through the Alaska Hospitality Alliance Education Foundation, so that your operation can become better equipped to perform the tasks at hand. Better training and education helps to decrease turnover and assists you and your employees in becoming superior service providers for your property. Our industry is the number one employer of entry-level workers in Alaska. The need for assimilating these employees, into what is often their first workplace experience, is great.  

Membership also provides you with access to discount programs like credit card processing and workers compensation insurance. These programs alone often cover the member dues and save money all year long! 

Finally, our association philosophy is to promote and foster “members in partnership”. Our discount programs help you to partner with member suppliers in a way that saves you money, but more than that, you have the opportunity to network and partner with your industry peers. United by this association, members work to support each other in recognition of our common goal: to make Alaska the most hospitable place to visit on Earth! 

Membership with AkH&LA is broken down in the following:

  • Property Membership includes any lodging establishment.
  • Allied Member is a vendor or supplier that offers a product or a service for lodging establishments.

If you’re not a member of the AkH&LA, you’re missing out on countless ways to save valuable time and money every single day! Take advantage of both state and national benefits that will help your properties and organizations run more efficiently and profitably while supporting your industry with a membership in AkH&LA!